Why Super Affiliates need the right Mindset!

To be a Super Affiliate, you need to have the right mindset.

Your mindset will determine if you are successful or not.  Let me illustrate it with an example.


You have 2 persons with the same opportunity. 


Tom set an income target of $5000 per month and Harry $10000 per month.


After the month is done, Tom achieved his target, but Harry only made $8000.


According to their goals, Tom was successful, and Harry failed to reach his target.


But if you compare Tom and Harry, Harry made a lot more money than Tom, although he failed to reach his target.


Harry had the right mindset.  Set a harder target and worked harder to achieve it.  With his mindset, he used more resources, put in more time, and worked harder to achieve his goal. 


Luckily for us, we can adopt the right mindset to achieve bigger goals.

So, how do we improve our mindset?  With something we call “The Big WHY!”


Everything we do can be divided into Pain or Pleasure.


If you have 2 persons that need to make a youtube video, person A may not do it because he does not feel comfortable being in front of the camera.


He opted for Pleasure, doing other things that he enjoys doing.


Person B on the other hand also doesn’t like making videos, but he goes ahead and does it.




He goes ahead and makes that video because he knows that it will help him achieve his goal.

It may earn him the income to quit his job, take his family on holiday or buy that sports car he always wanted.

His personal goal is bigger than his fear of making the video.


Every day we must decide what we want to do. 

Do we want to sleep in on a Saturday, or do we get up early and work on our online business?


That is where “why” comes in.


To define your personal “why”, focus on:

• A selfish why – focus on something you want to achieve (like having a fancy car or boat)
• Something that will hurt you – Something bad that will happen if you don’t achieve your goal.
• Something that drives you – something that motivates you.


For a better understanding of your “Personal Why”, I recommend that you read “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek (2009): Simon Sinek. The author explains the importance of a strong personal why, and why a business with a strong “why” is more successful.

If asked what you want from your online business, “I want to make money”, is not good enough.


If you only make $100, will you be happy?   

You made money, right? You must be happy. No way! I want much more for my time and effort.


This is why it is important to set a clear income goal.


What is a good income goal?
The example below is an example of how to calculate your income goal.


*The first part of the calculation is per year.

How much do you have to earn to quit your job?                 $50 000
Invest in yourself. (Self-improvement, courses)                   $10 000
Invest in others (to have your wife quit etc)                          $50 000
Total for the year                                                                      $110 000


This ($110 000) will be the minimum that you have to earn to quit your job.


But there is a fourth part.


Challenge yourself.


The rule of thumb here is to double your total.

This will make your total annual income goal $220 000.


Now we can break it down further.

Our monthly goal will be $18 333, and a daily goal of $611 per day.

Just a note:

When starting our business, you will not earn $611 per day, but will pick up and go above that as your business grows.


To be successful, you need a powerful self-image.

If you are a negative person by nature, you will not convince buyers to invest in your products.

Lucky for us, we can take on a positive attitude by training our minds to be positive, and use that positive outlook when promoting our products.

I recommend that you read “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, where he discusses the philosophy behind successful men.

Your personal success formula.

As our minds cannot distinguish between fact or fiction, we have the opportunity to “trick” our minds to turn us into successful persons.

The way that we can do that, is by creating a “Personal Success Card”

The following image shows what to include in your Personal Success Card.

What to include in you Personal Success Card
Demonstration of Personal Success Card

The next step is to record your Personal Success Formula in your own voice.

When recording it, use background music that puts you in a positive mood, music that you can associate with success. 

The next step is to listen “reprogram” your mind is to listen to your card:

      • In the morning
      • In the afternoon
      • In the evening
      • Even when you are sleeping.

Soon your mind will be conditioned to make you a successful Super Affiliate.

You will be reminded what you are working toward, help keep you motivated, and help you to take action and do it now.

Here are some tips to be more productive:
      • Cut down on distractions (Social Media, e-mails, etc) – create more time to do your work.
      • Do the most important task first.
      • Say NO to things that you can say no to – It will free up time to do more important tasks
      • Create time blocks – Set out time for work without interruptions
      • Create the following day’s 2do list in the evening

These are just a few examples of what can be done to free up time for your online business.

I hope you found some value in this post.

Feel free to share this with your friends on social media.

Thank you for your time.

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