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This is a complete guide from starting out as an online marketer to becoming a SUPER AFFILIATE.

Affiliate Marketing

Super Affiliate Builder: From Newbie to Super Affiliate exposes the methods that super affiliates use to generate 6 figure income.

This book describe all methods and “tricks” to help you to become successful.

It covers topics from Mindset, niche selection, Lead Magnets, etc.


30 informative pages

With the information in this e-book, I could charge $50, but I thought at $15.95 $5.95 everybody can afford it.

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Topics Covered


Chapter 1:  What is Affiliate Marketing?

Chapter 2:  Mindset                 

Chapter 3:  Affiliate Marketing Foundation         

Chapter 4:  Generating Leads

Chapter 5:  Blogging

Chapter 6:  Youtube       

Chapter 7:  Forums                  

Chapter 8:  Buying Leads         

Final Word                                                                                 

Recommended Resources                                                                              

This is a 30 page information e-book that I am giving away during the COVID-19 Pandemic.