A Funnel? How does it increase my bottom line?

A Funnel? What is that?

Many newbie affiliate marketers heard about funnels. When you first start out in Affiliate Marketing, there is so much to learn, and unknown phrases like funnels can discourage them.

In this short post, I will do my best to explain what a funnel is and why you need it to boost your commissions.

A Sales Funnel is the process that is followed by attracting potential customers to paying customers.

Where does your funnel start? Leads.

Getting leads

Every successful affiliate marketer has a free product that they give away. This is called a lead magnet.

In my post about affiliate marketing, I discussed what a lead magnet is and how to create one.

Affiliate marketers creates a landing page for this lead magnet. On this page they offer the product for free, but you have to sign up to receive the product.

This is how you get the visitor’s email address to grow your mailing list.

Promoting this landing page is the first step in the process.

When they sign up to receive your product, you send them emails. This can be done automatically with an autoresponder and email series.

The visitor’s react to your email and purchase your products.

We all know that most people do not purchase products the first time they see them. We have to engage them.

This is our next step in the process.

Step 2… Engage your visitors.

In the first step, you drive traffic to a landing page. The visitor completes the signup to receive a free gift. Now we have their email address.

We now use their email address to engage them via email. With the help of autoresponders like GetResponse . In your autoresponder you simply set up a series of emails that is sent out at certain times.

Use this method to engage your subscribers. They get to know and trust you. In the emails, you will promote your products to them as well.

By doing this, we introduce them to the product more than once, reminding them of special offers etc.

Step 3… Action

Take action

The visitor/subscriber is now ready to take action.

He/She decides to purchase your product. Action has been taken.

You have just made a sale to a new customer.

That is what online marketing is about, but it is not the end.

The next step

Even though you took a potential buyer to a customer, it is not the end.

Have you ever bought something on the internet where you receive an offer for another product? I am sure you have seen it before.

This is what we call an upsell. If you create your own products, create upgrades or add-ons to your product. You can even create a downsale (discount) for the product.

If you are promoting affiliate products, make sure that the products have upsales and downsales. You will earn a commission on these products as well.

This will further increase sales of your products.

This is a very short post, but I just wanted to help newbies to understand funnels.

When I started out, terms like these made me anxious. That was until I found out what it was and how it affects your bottom line.

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